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Your sore, tired feet deserve a good pampering! And what's better for the job than the brilliant Zyllion Foot Massager. Combining the most advanced massage technology with traditional Chinese foot reflexology takes foot massaging to a whole new level!


ZMA-10-PR Foot Massager with Heat          Whether it's after a busy day running around for errands, or after a long day shopping with girlfriends, your sore, tired feet deserve a good pampering. And what's better for the job than the brilliant Zyllion ZMA-10 Foot Massager with Heat.

Combining the most advanced massage technology with traditional Chinese foot reflexology, this sleek new Zyllion Foot Massager takes foot massaging to a whole new level. Simply place your feet in the massager and press the power button to start enjoying the all-around massage experience. The rolling massage action on the bottom targets the soles of the feet. It is believed in Chinese foot reflexology that our soles hold pressure points that connects to and reflects from different parts of our entire body. The Zyllion Foot Massager stimulates these reflexology spots in a continuous motion, like how a trained foot masseuse would, to relax your soles and, in turn, relax your whole body. There's more.

This meticulously designed and tested massager gives you a kneading massage that you've never experienced before. Unlike the air pressure massage action that are so commonly seen (and commonly painful), Zyllion Foot Massager uses a flexible kneading technology that massage your entire feet without putting unnecessary pressure on them. Your feet will feel embraced and invigorated, and you will never again wonder if foot massage is supposed to hurt. And don't forget the Infrared Heating! The heat will sooth your feet while they're being massaged and give you a true spa experience. With 4 pre-set Automatic Modes, 3 Focus Modes that target specific zones of your feet, and a Manual option where you can specify massage speed/intensity and direction, the Zyllion Foot Massager is ready to accommodate your personal preferences. Select an Auto program, or customize your own massage program to give your feet, your body, and your mind a true relaxation!

Product Features:

  • Manufactured by: Zyllion, Inc.
  • SKU: ZMA-10-PR
  • MSRP: $369.99
  • Removable / Washable Cover - Maintenance is easy with the zippered removable cover. Just pop it in the washer and dryer to clean it -- totally hassle-free.
  • Customize - 4 pre-set Automatic programs, 3 Focus programs, 3 speeds and adjustable directions to suit your personal massage preference.
  • Heated - Infrared heating function promotes blood circulation and gives your feet a true spa experience.
  • Kneading Massage – Two sets of four kneading devices work together to massage your entire feet. Kneading massage promotes blood circulation, relieves feet soreness and alleviates pain and fatigue.
  • Rolling Massage – Rollers and plush copper underneath your feet stimulate acupressure points on the sole as in a traditional Chinese foot reflexology massage.
  • Kneading & Rolling Massages - special kneading technology massages your entire feet without excessive pressure while rolling massage stimulates the soles of the feet.
  • Chinese Foot Massage - it is believed in traditional Chinese foot reflexology that our feet holds pressure points that connects to different parts of the body, and massaging the feet will help relax the entire body.

Additional Information

For foot, soles of your feet
Color Purple
Functions Kneading Massage, Rolling Massage
Infrared Heating Yes

Customer Reviews

Solid build quality but my mother-in-laws preference was that it massaged too hard for her liking Review by T. Tan "dnachef"
Product Rating
We ended up returning this but only because it massages too firm for my mother-in-laws taste. It is very good build quality from what we could tell. If you like a really firm massage, this is your ticket. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Very Impressed! Review by Carolyn Chace
Product Rating
I just could not wait to get my feet into this massager! Oh my! It was amazing to say the least and I felt sooo much better. I think it is worth the money and you won't be sorry, but I know everyone is not the same...with that said. I'm enjoying and I hope you do too! Good by Foot Spa's and hello to my new home spa! (Posted on 1/21/14)
works well Review by donna
Product Rating
Like this product!
It reaches all the reflexology trigger point!
Only thing my dad and husband have larger feet and the say it squeezes too much! (Posted on 1/21/14)

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