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Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat (Black) ZMA-13-BK


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Zyllion's new Shiatsu Massager Pillow with Heat in Black lets you enjoy Shiatsu Massager anywhere you like! The ultra compact, ultra slim body only takes up 6cms (a little over 2 inches) of space. With the no-fuss adjustable straps, you can secure the massager pillow to your favorite chair.

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Shiatsu Massager Pillow with Heat (Black) ZMA-13-BK

Too busy for the spa? Why not get a relaxing massager right in your office? Zyllion's Shiatsu Massager Pillow lets you enjoy Shiatsu Massager anywhere you like! The ultra compact, ultra slim body only takes up 6cms (a little over 2 inches) of space. With the no-fuss adjustable straps, you can secure the massager pillow to your favorite chair. Its ergonomic design fits perfectly in the small of your back and neck while 4 deep-kneading rotating Shiatsu Massager Nodes work to relieve aches, tension, knots, and stress. The Heating function adds comfort and helps you relax by promoting blood circulation. The Massage nodes will automatically reverse rotating directions during each massage session. All you have to do is sit back, press a button, and let your stress melt away. For a worry-free massage session, Zyllion Shiatsu Massager Pillow is equipped with an Overheat Protection Device and is programmed with 20-minute Auto Shut-Off to ensure safety. Enjoy the best massage cushion with a soothing Shiatsu Massager wherever you go - at home, at work, in the car or even when you travel! 



Important Notice
Each side of the motor in this massager is equipped with its own auto shut-off safety device. When the massager exceeds working temperature, the safety device will automatically shut off the motor to ensure user's safety and prevent damage to the unit. Please unplug the power cord and allow the unit to cool for 10~15 minutes before turning it on again.
Please note that the tapping motor will not operate until the temperature has come down.
Please always unplug the device after every use.

Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat (Black) ZMA-13-BK Product Features:

  • Manufactured by: Zyllion, Inc.
  • SKU: ZMA-13-BK
  • MSRP: $89.95
  • 4 Deep-Kneading Shiatsu Massage Nodes help relax and relieve muscle tightness.
  • Heating function that soothes aching muscles.
  • Ergonomic design with a 6-cm ultra slim body is perfect to use on lower- & upper-back, neck, abdomen, calf, and thigh areas.
  • Adjustable Strap secures the cushion to your favorite chair.
  • Equipped with Overheat Protection Device & programmed with 20-minute Auto Shut-Off to ensure safety.


Suitable for:

  • Computer users
  • Office workers
  • Housewives
  • Athletes
  • People with neck, shoulder, or back pain due to long-time use of arms
  • People with muscle fatigue and pull due to excessive exercise
  • Elderly people with poor blood circulation in the back



  • Relieve shoulder pain due to stiff neck during sleep.
  • Relieve pain due to chronic blood circulation problems.
  • Relieve fatigue due to excessive exercise.
  • Relax tense muscle.
  • Helps relieve stress.


For Optimum Results:

  1. Use the product 2~3 times per day, 5~15 minutes per use, to alleviate back pain.
  2. People operating computers or using arms for long periods of time can use it for 5~15 minutes to relax back muscles, promote blood circulation in the back and prevent injury of back muscle.
  3. The product is equipped with a temperature protection device. When the temperature exceeds safety limits, the machine will stop operating automatically. Please unplug the power supply for cooling before using it again.
  4. Please have a cup of warm water after using the product to enhance metabolism.

Additional Information

For neck, shoulder, back, lumbar, thigh
Color Black
Functions Shiatsu Massage
Infrared Heating Yes

Customer Reviews

Product Rating
I can't believe I haven't reviewed this yet. I've owned this for nearly a year and I LOVE IT. I am someone who will go get pedicures just for the spa chair to massage some of the back pain away. I have small children and get those awful backaches in one distinct area from pacing and rocking little chubby people. This pillow is so well built. If mine were stolen I would gladly pay 3x as much for a replacement. (Posted on 12/1/17)
Wonderful to use sitting watching TV Review by Stacy Rush
Product Rating
Everyone that comes over to our house to visit takes turns w/ this gem. We will be getting this for XMas Presents next year for people. It really works the muscles(almost too much) deep tissue wise. Wonderful to use sitting watching TV. Lightweight and perfect amount of heat . Love auto shut off after 20 min. (Posted on 12/1/17)
They will love me forever Review by KD
Product Rating
Oh. My. God.
This will now be my go-to gift for everyone I know. They will love me forever. One of the very best Amazon purchases I've made. Period. (Posted on 12/1/17)
... and the massage I get with it is the best. I am so satisfied that I am about ... Review by Gurpreet C.
Product Rating
Everybody in my family loves it and the massage I get with it is the best. I am so satisfied that I am about to order one more for a friend so her family can enjoy it too. I always tell people about his product and wish everybody can buy it and see the difference it makes. Highly highly recommended (Posted on 12/1/17)
Amazing Product Review by Elizabeth
Product Rating
This massager is incredible for the price. I'm a college student, so I'm constantly sitting at a desk doing homework. My lower back takes the brunt of it all, but with this massager, I'm good as new. It did a great job kneading out a knot in my lower back that has been bothering me for weeks. My only complaint is that it doesn't heat up very fast. However, once it's heated up, it stays warm for a LONG time, even after you're done using it. I recommend this product to anyone who needs a great massage but doesn't have the money to go to a masseuse. (Posted on 12/1/17)
Argenis G. Review by starsWho needs a girlfriend when you got this
Product Rating
Kidding...kind of. Well at least I won't need a girlfriend to give me massages anymore. This thing has been helping me over the past day. I have been using it to treat my sore body which has been overworked over the years. It has been doing wonders and I have a sense of energy about me now. This thing is portable as well as I have taken it with me to work to put on my office chair.

Buy it, you won't regret it. Zyllion has a one year warranty on this thing so remember your purchase date and if you have any problems they will resolve it ASAP. Thank you Zyllion, my body feels brand new. (Posted on 12/1/17)
Bought for my fiances long commutes Review by Justin D. McGrath
Product Rating
I bought for my fiance for her 3 hour commute to work each way. It was a Valentines Day gift and she was so happy when she unwrapped it. She has been using it everyday and she says she doesn't get fatigued as much and her migraines have almost stopped completely from starting to use this. Glad I purchased!
(Posted on 12/1/17)
My best friend that never lets me down. Review by Annette B
Product Rating
This massager is my best friend. During the day when I'm away from him and working, I long to come home so he can work on me muscles. He is always there for me no matter what---whether I am having shoulder tension or lower back pain from menstration. I use him for every part of my body, including my feet, abdomen, thighs, lower back, upper back, shoulders, neck, and head. He's consistent and never lets me down. Sometimes he comes with me to work, and my friends fall in love with him too. It's scientifically proven that massages strengthen the immune system by unwinding blood clots and helping things run smoother. I usually get sick all the time, but since I got this massager in August, I have not been sick a single time. If you want to treat your body the way it deserves, don't even think twice! (Posted on 12/1/17)
Versatile Massage! Review by $partan
Product Rating
This is simply one of the most versatile Shiatsu massagers you can purchase. It's small size allows you to place it unlimited positions to get exactly the pressure to the right areas. I use it in a typical desk chair situation and let it work it's way down my back with gravity after a few minutes in each location. I also use it on legs, arms, feet, and neck. The reversing feature is actually great, the heat is perfect and most importantly - it's durable. I've leaned into this massager and it doesn't slow down at all, plenty of torque. (Posted on 12/1/17)
Fantastic for the back, decent for the neck. Review by JShel
Product Rating
Love it! Works fantastic and really pulls out the knots and increases blood-flow. This is better suited for the back and somewhat shoulders. It does an acceptable job on the neck, but I wish the balls were closer to do an even deeper neck massage. Wider necks may have more success. I found the best results with the upper back! It's intense and may leave some red blood flow marks but they will go away shortly in a day or so - a bit expected with heavy massage and the pain and stiffness relief is worth the red blood flow increase, toxin release. The power and tension on the motor is strong and durable, handling some pretty intense pressure with ease. The heat is a major plus and helps increase flexibility within the deepest knots and trigger points from our modern back/neck straining sedentary lifestyle habits. (Posted on 12/1/17)
Give everyone one of these for Christmas. Review by Mary
Product Rating
I love this gadget. It is gentle but firm, massaging in two different directions heating slowly. And to make it even better it has a plug that fits in the cigarette lighter in the car so I can get a quick back rub between home visits (home care nurse). Honestly when my back is acting up this is better than any cream, patch or TENS unit.
(Posted on 12/1/17)
Awesome product!! Review by Blondie32506
Product Rating
Arrived quickly. Product is as described. I would highly recommend this product. My husband uses this for a foot message. I use it for lower back and, this thing is awesome! (Posted on 12/1/17)
Great Massager Review by lannie424
Product Rating
So far, so good. I received my package a week ago and the packaging was in great condition. I immediately opened the box and plugged it in. It felt amazing. Although the massaging balls were a little uncomfortable at first, I knew it was me and not the product. My back and neck muscles have been tight for a very long time, so I knew that it would take time for the massager to work out all the knots. After a few days of using it, there is no more discomfort - which means the massager did it's job. Also, the device does get warm as it massages. I think this definitely helps relax the muscles even more. Overall, I'm very satisfied at this point. I've read that the material that covers the balls can wear out. Hopefully, this won't happen, but the company appears to stand behind it's product, so I'm not too worried. (Posted on 11/21/17)
Amazing Gift for the Stressed Among Us! Review by Peter A
Product Rating
I gave this as a gift for both my mother and my girlfriend and they both love it. My mom says she uses it every day after work and makes her feel a lot better from standing most of the day, using it on her legs mostly, and my girlfriend likes to use it under the neck or lower back and she literally falls asleep on it.

The quality is amazing and it keeps working great after several uses. Great purchase! (Posted on 11/21/17)
Great equipment to have, take care of your body! Review by Farious
Product Rating
Just what i neeeded, im so mad that i didn't buy one sooner.
Since do strength training so my muscles ache everywhere constantly, but this seemed to help a lot especially with my back.
You can use this basically on any part of my body (if you know how to use it). Just hope it will last before it decides to break/fail on me.
I use this along with foam rollers, both have their own pros and cons. (Posted on 11/21/17)
A great purchase Review by Craig Cook
Product Rating
The massager has done a great job of releasing significant built-up tension in my back and shoulder. Physical therapy helped initially, but I had plateaued. I use this product for 5-15 minutes before bed each night, and it has given me significant increases in range of motion for my shoulder. I also have used it on hamstrings and calf muscles after running, and I have been very pleased with how effective it has been. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone with similar needs. (Posted on 11/21/17)
Amazing product from an amazing company Review by Katherine
Product Rating
This is the second pillow I purchase. The first was a Gift for my boyfriend who suffers from sciatic nerve pain and other back related issues. After hearing his positive feedback, he bought one for me. Oh man this baby is awesome. It massaged out my knots in a few minutes. If you are someone who suffers from back, neck, or shoulder pain, and don't mind a rough massage, this is for you. Just beware that it does leave one feeling quite sore for a bit (which I don't mind at all.)

Another thing, this company is AMAZING! I have only purchased from 3 companies willing to go above and beyond to make sure that the customer is satisfied, and this company is one of those three. I would not hesitate to purchase from them again.
*note I am not being paid for this review. (Posted on 11/21/17)
Quality Product Review by Bumbles
Product Rating
Really helps relax sore and tired muscles. It seems to have a calming effect for my occasional restless legs and I've even used it to help relieve the on-coming pain of a really terrible headache. Some might find the pressure a bit too intense for their taste but that can be alleviated by placing a towel between you and this massager. So far, it's proving to be a quality product that's earning its keep. I highly recommend it. (Posted on 11/21/17)
It's a winner Review by Nancy S
Product Rating
This product is a winner. I bought this massager for my husband who has been battling back pain for years. He tried everything from physical therapy to acupuncture with little result. This massager is very powerful and can be positioned on the problem areas of your back. My husband has been using this for a few weeks, and he told me today that his back hasn't felt this good in many years. I know this sounds like a testimonial, but I assure you have no connection with this product. I do, however, like to give credit where credit is due. (Posted on 11/21/17)
and it is one of the best purchases I've ever made Review by J Smith
Product Rating
I've had my massage pillow for about a week, and it is one of the best purchases I've ever made. I carry a lot of stress and tension in my back/shoulders, but can't afford to get massage as often as I need. With this pillow, I'm able to focus on the specific areas of my back that need's one of those "it hurts so good" feelings. I've used it at home, and also taken it to school with me. While my kids are having study time, I'm able to use this at my desk while I grade papers.
I highly recommend anyone who consistently has knots in their back to give this a shot. (Posted on 10/6/17)
Amazing Gift for the Stressed Among Us! Review by Peter A
Product Rating
I gave this as a gift for both my mother and my girlfriend and they both love it. My mom says she uses it every day after work and makes her feel a lot better from standing most of the day, using it on her legs mostly, and my girlfriend likes to use it under the neck or lower back and she literally falls asleep on it. (Posted on 10/6/17)
Essential Home appliance! Review by Louise Curry
Product Rating
This a great product! I use it every day while I watch films. I have lower back problems due to a car accident and this heated massager truly alleviates aches, pains and stiffness. I use it on my shoulders too, because I tend to tense them up, so the muscles tighten into knots. The revolving balls push into the knots and loosen them. Definitely a very pleasant experience. Good for anyone - young or old - to use! (Posted on 10/6/17)
Nice messager Review by TW1
Product Rating
I love this thing - functions great at "work". Motor is not super loud so its perfect while working at my desk. Love that it gets warm too. Now will have to wait a while and see if holes creep through (based on others responses). (Posted on 10/6/17)
Unbeatable!! Review by Stephanie T.
Product Rating
I just received this and I LOVE it. It adequately relieved the knots in my neck, the base of my skull, and my legs. I'm going to try my feet also. I've been wanting something like this for quite some time and I'm thrilled with this product. This item definitely delivers. I highly recommend it. The price for this item given the relief provided is wonderful. I'm very happy with this and will put it to good use. (Posted on 10/6/17)
I bought this product to help relieve bad Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) that is exacerbated by medications ... Review by Charlotte K. Lowrie
Product Rating
I bought this product to help relieve bad Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) that is exacerbated by medications I must take for another medical condition. While this Siatsu Pillow Massager doesn't stop RLS, it helps noticeably. I also use it to massage the bottom of my feet, and that also helps. The Pillow Massager is top quality with excellent materials and it gives a strong, good massage to muscles. I recommend it. (Posted on 10/6/17)
A great purchase Review by Craig Cook
Product Rating
The massager has done a great job of releasing significant built-up tension in my back and shoulder. Physical therapy helped initially, but I had plateaued. I use this product for 5-15 minutes before bed each night, and it has given me significant increases in range of motion for my shoulder. I also have used it on hamstrings and calf muscles after running, and I have been very pleased with how effective it has been. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone with similar needs. (Posted on 10/6/17)
100% Worth It Review by Mariah
Product Rating
This little massager is the best I've ever tried! I have a torn ACL and as a result, my calf can get very tense and strained. This design lends itself to use on legs, arms, and larger areas like the back. I haven't tried the car adapted but I think it's a great idea. Overall, this is the best muscle massager I've ever used. (Posted on 10/2/17)
Love the versatility and portability of this massager Review by Kat-L
Product Rating
Why didn't I get one of these things sooner? This is a great portable massager! The 2 included adapters allow you to use it at home or in a vehicle.

I purchased to use on the headrest of a Dodge Ram for a long ~1600 mile drive making as few stops as possible. It didn't work out well for me attached to the headrest; although Velcro strap allowed me to try hanging it at a few different heights, I couldn't find my sweet spot and didn't want to spend time messing with it. I used it at stops to refuel and it was a godsend for the neck, shoulders, back and legs. It was rejuvenating!!

It worked so well on the long trip, I continue to use it 4+ times a week. It's alleviates the muscle aches after sitting long days in front of a computer, yard work, leg cramps, etc. (Posted on 10/2/17)
Awesome little massager! Review by Jon
Product Rating
I received my massager 5 days before the expected arrival date, which I thought was pretty great. It arrived in perfect condition with no issues in regards to inproper packaging. The thing is really powerful and with a little effort and creativity I was able to use it while laying in bed for my back and neck. It also does a great job on the calves too! I haven't owned it long enough to vouch for its longevity, but it looks and feels like it's built to last. Their customer service sent me an email on how to properly attach the power cord so it doesn't come apart on its own. I just need to push them together a little harder to make it "lock" into place. Aparantly I wasn't the only dumby that couldn't figure this out. I would recommend this to anyone who has stiff/sore muscles. (Posted on 10/2/17)
Works Great!! I wish that there was more control ... Review by Mother of Dragons
Product Rating
So Ive been suffering from backpain for a while now, a specific area that I could barley reach and I had to stop asking my husband for back rubs on a daily basis. I chose this specific machine because I needed a massager that I could use while lying down and relaxing. Most machines stop moving once the weight of your body is resting on it. Not this machine! Works Great!! I wish that there was more control over the rotation itself. But its a great price and it does exactly what I purchased it for. It gives me lots of relief when I need it. It does offer you the option of heat, but I rarely use that option because I find it gets too hot for my liking. Massager automatically turns off after alotted time. Straight forward and simple, comes with car adapter if thats where you choose to use it! (Posted on 10/2/17)
Great product, and amazing customer service! Review by EJC
Product Rating
I wish i could give it more than 5 stars. I purchased this in late 2015, and it has been so helpful with my achy back muscles (from sitting all day and slouching). Unfortunately, a few months ago the netting started to rip from the leather and the motor started bogging down because it kept getting stuck in the loose netting. I reached out to the seller since they have a 3 year warranty, and received a response back in record time. They stood behind their product and immediately shipped me a replacement. The entire process from my initial email to once again having a working massage pillow took just TWO days! Amazing. Once again, I can ease my tense back muscles. I love how it heats up, and the nodes really get in there for people that like a firmer massage. I highly recommend this product. (Posted on 10/2/17)
Nice! Review by Sharon Barger
Product Rating
I was happily surprised by this massager. It was a "daily deal" so it was less than normal. The knobs are two different sizes and rotate first one direction, then the other. And, it has heat. Didn't realize how tight my shoulders were until I used this. It felt great. Will probably get one for my sister. (Posted on 10/2/17)
Well made and powerful Review by jimschoe
Product Rating
Seems well built and is surprisingly powerful. Did not fit my frame well (I'm 6'2" and 245 lbs) so I asked to return it. The Zyllion folks responded quickly and issued a refund even before they sent me the return label and instructions! Would rate at five stars if it was a bit wider for my frame. Do not hesitate to try this. (Posted on 10/2/17)
I can't say enough great things about this pillow Review by Alanna
Product Rating
I can't say enough great things about this pillow! I frequently develop multiple adhesions in my traps and along my cervical vertebrae, mostly from poor posture and too much keyboard time. I have had a wonderful experience and reduction in tension after using this regularly. It even works well on the IT Band and calves! (Posted on 9/29/17)
Great Value Review by Michael Angelo Kanterakis
Product Rating
I believe I have repurchased this 3 times, for myself and my family.

We love it. My mom even brought it to work to show people how great it is. Thank you Zyllion.

It's very easy to use at different part of the body. Very strong. Warn up really fast. Very compact so we packed it with us to travel so many times cause you're never know when you need a massage, right?

I use it whenever I have bellyache - put it on, wait 30', then the pain is gone.

Worth every penny. Thank you Zyllion. (Posted on 9/29/17)
.. this device at my chiropractic office and it was amazing. I had asked where he got it from ... Review by Dennis
Product Rating
I first saw and used this device at my chiropractic office and it was amazing. I had asked where he got it from and he said Amazon so I searched for it and surprisingly it was affordable. My back is always tight and stiff and not even massages can help me. I bought one and I take it to work everyday with me and use it all day long because I'm at a desk all day. This helps alleviate some of the tension of stiffness and tightness. I think it is also helping in some of the therapies recommended by my chiropractor. Love this thing. (Posted on 9/29/17)
Amazing portable massager with heat! Review by Faiza
Product Rating
I absolutely love this massager with heat. It's light, portable, strong, and has on/off heat feature. I use it for my neck, shoulders, upper/lower back, sciatic nerve pain in left buttock and under left thigh, and feet. I am picky about my massagers, and I have a few but this one is my go to portable one. (Posted on 9/29/17)
BEST PURCHASE EVER Review by Megan MacCaughey
Product Rating
BEST PURCHASE EVER. I regularly see a massage therapist for the knots in my neck and upper back and the Zyllion Pillow Massager is just as good, if not better than having someone dig their fingers into my aching muscles. Of course, being a little motor with only a few settings, it's not a wizard or anything, but it is better than spending $75 for only 45 minutes to reach the same goal. (Posted on 9/29/17)
SO worth it! Review by Lonnie Waugh
Product Rating
Ok I was skeptical with all of the glowing reviews and the "stop thinking about it and just buy it" rhetoric thinking maybe they were paid reviewers or something... but wow! .. I got it today and I absolutely love it ... I have lower back pain from sitting at a desk all day as a programmer, and even though I've only had this thing a few hours I already feel SO much better.. I think I have some kind of nerve problem as well because I randomly get foot cramps when I'm sitting for extended periods, but I've not h ad a single cramp since I turned this thing on...

I really had no idea what I was getting myself into with this... there are rotating balls that are heated and vibrate, 4 of them that spin so it feels like someone is kneading you deeply like a real massage.. then after a bit they change rotation in the opposite direction...

I swear it was instant pain relief... I don't know if I will be taking it to work with me or not, I had it running for about 2 hours today when I got home and haven't felt any pain since then so I think I will leave it at home and see how long the relief lasts ... if I think I need it at work I will likely just buy a second one ... I do wish the cord was a little longer though, I don't have any outlets near my bed and I'd love to try this on my calves when laying down
(Posted on 5/16/16)
This pillow is amazing for those who suffer from chronic neck or back pain! Review by Breeana
Product Rating
I have suffered from chronic neck and back pain for 3 years now. I have been to several doctors, tried several medications, tried physical therapy, been to a chiropractor and had a couple sets of nerve injections and nothing has seemed to help me much. I'm only 26 years old and I'm on several medications for pain that cause me to constantly be drowsy and this pillow along with essential oils has saved me from a life of constant pain! I've only had this for a couple weeks and already my pain has reduced drastically! The first couple times I used it I was sore because it is a very deep massage but it's definitely worth it! I have tried several other massage pillows and this one is by far the best I've ever tried! (Posted on 5/16/16)
My work offers free massages but the hours suck so I bought this Review by Cameala Freed
Product Rating
I have had a real pain in my neck for a few years whenever I happen to sleep in the wrong position. Seems to always be one side. My work offers free massages but the hours suck so I bought this. It has really helped. I usually have a sweatshirt on so the heat function I can't feel. But without a shirt you can feel the heat. The heat is nice but not necessary. It is a deep massage and can be painful if you don't position it correctly. I usually position it on the back of a couch so I can control the pressure for a more pleasurable experience. I sometimes put it vertically along one shoulder to work just one side of my back. I really like that I can use it in the car. So far it has held up to a lot of use. The biggest downfall is it is not cordless but for the price I think it is reasonable. It's not too loud but also not silent. To loud to use while trying to sleep but not so loud you couldn't watch TV while it is on.
(Posted on 5/16/16)
My work offers free massages but the hours suck so I bought this Review by Cameala Freed
Product Rating
I have had a real pain in my neck for a few years whenever I happen to sleep in the wrong position. Seems to always be one side. My work offers free massages but the hours suck so I bought this. It has really helped. I usually have a sweatshirt on so the heat function I can't feel. But without a shirt you can feel the heat. The heat is nice but not necessary. It is a deep massage and can be painful if you don't position it correctly. I usually position it on the back of a couch so I can control the pressure for a more pleasurable experience. I sometimes put it vertically along one shoulder to work just one side of my back. I really like that I can use it in the car. So far it has held up to a lot of use. The biggest downfall is it is not cordless but for the price I think it is reasonable. It's not too loud but also not silent. To loud to use while trying to sleep but not so loud you couldn't watch TV while it is on.
(Posted on 5/16/16)
Great well made massager Review by GT
Product Rating
The massager is well made and can be used effectively on different parts of the body. I run, play tennis, swim, bicycle, and value the deep sports massage that this massager is capable of giving. I bought it to accompany the larger back massager made by the same company which also uses a similar mechanism. (Posted on 5/16/16)
Love it!! Review by Holly
Product Rating
Great little massager for the price! I LOVE mine and use to all the time. (Posted on 5/16/16)
LOVE the heat from this massage Review by Juli Zimmerman
Product Rating
I love this massage pillow. The smooth rotating gizmos inside the mesh can just dig right into the tightest knots in my back and shoulders. My back hurts for a few days after I use this product but only because I press my back into it to relieve those knots. Any deep massage will make you feel bruised after you have it done.
My kids keep stealing this from me to use after a sports workout or just if their back feels tired. Great product. We love it!
(Posted on 1/21/14)
Love it, Review by S. Lee
Product Rating
I love the products.
It's works as good as the one that I seen in the store being demonstrated.
I love that fact that I can use it in my car, the only things that stops me from giving it a five rating, is because it doesn't go in the opposite direction.
But the price is great. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Shiatsu Massage Pillow Review by Eleanor Sesto
Product Rating
I LOVE IT. I use it every day. I have a problem with my neck, I use a little pillow with it because it's a little intense. The only problem I have with it is the plug is a little flimsy, the connector to the massager.It unplugs with a little movement. But overall it is fantastic.I would highly recommend it. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Just right size and convenient to use Review by geri morgan
Product Rating
I like the size and the rolling, shiatsu motion of this massager. The only thing that kept me from giving it 5 stars is that when I lean on the pillow/massager a little (when it's up against the back of my recliner) it shuts off. I think this is a safety feature, and so I understand it might cause the motor to overheat. What massage motion I do get is soothing, and it is right-sized for using on specific areas of my back, hips and shoulders. I don't use the heat feature so can't comment on that.

The product arrived quickly and in good condition. Easy to use and store when not in use.

I would recommend this product for its positive features, with the caveat noted above. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Virginia Pisciotta Review by Feels Good
Product Rating
I like the portability, and how I can move it around to hit the spots I need. You have to experiment a little to find the optimum positions, but it feels good. There are no level settings, but the strength of the massage can be varied by the amount of pressure from your body - the harder you lay against it, the harder the massage. It gives plenty of heat. I'm happy I bought this. Be aware that the pillow is not soft or bendable, but I guess it can't be with a motor inside. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Excellent Review by Luiz Rocha
Product Rating
I just received this massage pillow and so far I liked a lot. It massages in two directions making the final result even better. Buy it. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Fantastic!! Review by JJ
Product Rating
I hurt my back to the point of x-rays and pain medication. I see a chiropractor regularly, but went on AMAZON to find something to help ease my spasming muscles. I overnighted this, and am so ridiculously happy with it. I've used it on our very soft couch with a pillow behind it to make it reach my lower back. I'm using it now on my desk chair in my classroom. It is virtually silent and is helping me get through the day as a 6th grade teacher. The heat is perfect. To the reviews that said it's not strong enough...I am not a small woman...a little above average and I actually LAID on it for a bit last night and the motor didn't slow a bit. For use in a chair, I can't see how it's not strong enough. Also, to the reviews that say the massagers should be rounded instead of flat: I think the flattened design allows me to lean more fully against the pillow. I like the design very much.

Word of caution though...I used it so repeatedly last night, I woke up with a callous/blister in one particularly sore spot that I must have unconsciously been leaning in further to dig the sore muscles. That's on me though. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Wonderful Massager, Review by R. Howie "history nut"
Product Rating
I have tried it on my lower back and on my neck. It works. I also used it on my left ankle after twisting and straining the ankle. I really notice the soothing heat. After an half hour or so, the pain disappeared completely and I was able to finish my yard work at home without any discomfort. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Love it Review by Seaspray Cafe "Seaspraycafe"
Product Rating
I have purchased several massagers as my back and neck nearly always hurt. This really heats up and feels great. I use it on my lower back but have also used it for my upper back and shoulders. I would highly recommend this product even over the more expensive full body chairs etc. (Posted on 1/21/14)
I never write reviews Review by Harold Berson
Product Rating
I have multiple herniated and/or bulging discs in my neck and back so I am constantly getting bad knots in my shoulders, shoulder blades and lower back. I spent years lifting weights, so I have a thicker build and am told I am not the easiest person to work on from massage therapists, esp when the knots are deep. I recently purchased this pillow and I have to admit I was shocked and impressed with how well it works. If you really lean into it, it has enough power to really get in there. I've only had it for a week or so, but It's been great as a complement to whatever therapy I am doing at the time. My sister has some of the same spine issues and she tried It yesterday. I ordered one for her today. Give it a try. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Really like this product Review by Barbara McGill
Product Rating
I have an older unit at home but bought this unit as a Chritsmas present. It includes heat and just feels better. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Almost perfect - except for the length of the cord, Review by Stephanie
Product Rating
I have an older HoMedics shiatsu massager that essentially wore through the cover, so I bought this to replace it.

The good: it gets really warm and it puts a lot of ""pressure"" into the massage, causing some ""good"" pain. I was really leaning hard into the pillow, and it didn't slow down. So comparing the heat and pressure, I like this one much more than the HoMedic. I also really liked that it also came with a car charger to use it in the car. It's also pretty quiet (quieter than the HoMedics).

However, the bad is - to me - almost unforgivably bad. The cord is very short, so you can't get very far with it. So basically, it fits one part of my L shaped desk, but not the other. (which is no more than 5 feet - and probable less.) Meaning that every time I move around, it comes out from the wall and turns off. It's extremely frustrating. I never had that problem with the HoMedics massager.

There are definitely more good than bad with this, but the bad is a real problem for the set up in my office, where I use it. It essentially renders it unusable for what I need. However, I probably won't return it, because I do really like the heat and pressure and it was cheap enough I can justify keeping it at home and using it when the need strikes there (where I won't be moving.) But as an office massager, it was a total failure.

Oh, one more thing - it changes the direction of the massage every few minutes, I'm indifferent to that feature - to me, it's not a selling point, but it also doesn't take anything away from it. One direction is really preferable to work out my kinds, so it doesn't benefit me, though someone else may love (or hate) that feature. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Fantastic. Review by Mike
Product Rating
I had a similar massager that I had purchased from Brookstone. I really liked it, but lost it in a move. This one is great. I love the heat function on it. Although next time I might purchase the ZMA 14, as its slightly bigger. Its also nice as this comes with a car adapter. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Love this, Review by D. Morris
Product Rating
I got this for my husband, but he like it so much I had to try it out myself. Wow, I was surprised how good it felt. It has plenty of pressure and never digs into my backbone like some older massagers of other brands did. It can be a bit touchy when using it at the neck - it may be a little bit strong, in which case you can put a towel on your neck first to soften the massage. It's small enough to move to different parts of your back, and also has a couple straps which allow you to hold it on your leg or some other part of your body where you might need to secure it in place. It would be better if the straps were long enough so that you could just shimmy it down your back into different locations using the straps. At present, you have to stress your arms by trying to reach behind you to change the position which is not only inconvenient, but sort of undoes some of the relaxation you've obtained. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Great massager, Review by Meelah R.
Product Rating
I get the right pressure by how much I push my back into it. The connector keeps on getting detached, so I just taped it and it works fine. Seller sent follow up communication and that was good business practice. Arrived on time along with the other massager I bought from same seller. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Exceeded expectations Review by tradinitup
Product Rating
My biggest concern was the strength of the motor. I.e, how much pressure can you place on it before the motor begins to whirl from too much weight. I'm not a huge guy, 190 pounds on a 6 foot frame, but big enough to potentially strain the device depending on my sitting position and area where the pillow is placed. Let me tell you, I've placed this device underneath my thighs while sitting in an office chair and the balls kept rolling albeit a little bit slower. Now, it remains to be seen the long term stress this places on the motor but so far so good. I use it on multiple spots everyday; thighs, back, and neck specifically.
The pillow also has a heated feature...the balls literally glow red. And yes, they can be unbearably hot if placed directly on the skin. As our tolerance for heat varies, some may find this to be just what the doctor ordered. I find the temp is perfect with a light t-shirt or shorts. It provides therapeutic heat for my lower back.
I'm extremely happy with the purchase thus far and finding it for 80 dollars cheaper is the icing on the cake. I will update my review over the next few months paying special attention to the life of the internal motor. Happy relaxation! (Posted on 1/21/14)
Shiatsu Massager Pillow Review by Ariana Niblack
Product Rating
I chose this rating because this massage pillow is great and the heat feels good on my back. Love it. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Awesome massager! Review by Elizabeth H. Richmond
Product Rating
I bought this to replace a massage pillow I had that was wearing out. Great way to start the morning on my computer. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Love this back massager! Review by J. Ott "new mom"
Product Rating
I bought this on a whim. My sister had it and loved it. I thought, hey, why not? I am in love! The compact nature of this back massager is great. You can position it anywhere along your back. The heat is nice, and the kneading is awesome! Buy it! (Posted on 1/21/14)
Great massage pillow! Review by Michelle
Product Rating
I bought this for my husband who has neck/back issues. It definitely massages deep and the heat is wonderful. He uses it often and really likes this product. I've heard him recommend it to others a few times even. (Posted on 1/21/14)
can't get enough, Review by Brendon M. Baker "bambren"
Product Rating
i love this thing. combo of rollers and heat makes prolonged periods of desk-sitting tolerable. i've been using it for about 2-3 hours a day, so i'm nervous about how the motor will hold up, but so far so good. no signs of wear or slow-down.

my only complaint is how easily the cord separates. i suppose it functions like the magnetic connection on mac AC adapter, but a slightly more stable link would prevent the unnecessary disconnects that occur from swiveling my chair or moving around. still, not a big enough issue to take a star away. (Posted on 1/21/14)
A powerful little machine Review by Dr. O'Brien
Product Rating
I originally purchased this to use in the car, as I have a long commute and chronic back pain due to scoliosis. The massager is a bit too bulky and strong for me to use while driving... It puts me rather close to the steering wheel, and I'm a little nervous that it might impact my ability to react quickly to traffic. It IS very useful when I'm a passenger on long road trips, however. It's also perfect for use on the couch at home. The heat is perfect--not too hot, but effective. Buyers should be aware that this is a serious shiatsu machine. It's deep tissue massage, not a gentle vibration. This means you might be sore the next day--but for those looking for focused deep tissue massage, this is the next best thing to human hands. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Excellent Massage Pillow Review by Eve Waller
Product Rating
I purchased this unit when I was going to physio twice a week for a sciatia nerve, I have stopped going to physio, and use this daily for about 20 minutes. It is the best thing I have got. I have no pain in my lower back at all and I do not have the expense of physio or need to take the time to go. I would recommend this pillow to anyone with lower back pains, it is terrific. Before I purchased some people said they had problems with the cord coming out, but I have not had this problem at all. It is a great thing, and if something happened to it, I would replace it. (Posted on 1/21/14)
massager with heat Review by Sharon Ragan
Product Rating
i received it in a few days. i love the quality, it is very efficient, works really good with and w/o heat. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Great back massager Review by J.B.O.R. "Real life"
Product Rating
I saw this at brookstone, but didn't want to pay their price for it, this is just as good, very strong, gives a great lower back massage and my husband also uses it for his shoulders. Good buy! (Posted on 1/21/14)
Great Massage Pillow!!, Review by Windwar
Product Rating
I thought I would spend a little extra money on this massage pillow versus many other cheaper company models I have bought in the past....and wow..I am glad I did....First of all I am 6 foot 6 and 300 lbs and this little pillow can handle me pressing my back weight into it...really getting those knots out..and the motors they put in this pillow really hold comparison to the low dollar massage units that burn up and over heat in no time.....Great massage from a well built quality pillow...Worth every penny....Thanks!!! (Posted on 1/21/14)
Good stuff Review by Vito Furio
Product Rating
I use it attached to my head rest in the car because my commute is an hour. I think it works very well. Definatly recomend it. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Love it, Review by Robyn Santiago
Product Rating
I use it every day. I bought one for my dad who as arthritis. Great product for the price. Beats paying $$ for a regular message! (Posted on 1/21/14)
Portable & Very Effective Review by Victor
Product Rating
I use this at work strapped to my Herman Miller Aeron Chair and it works great, especially on days that I work on my back at the gym before work. :)
It is built very well and so far, no problems at all. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Ohhhh Ahhhhh Review by Dee
Product Rating
I use this baby every night - it is a lifesaver for me. My desk job tortures my neck and lower back and this is my reward every night before I go to bed. Best darn investment I've ever made. (Posted on 1/21/14)
More than satisfied Review by nicole
Product Rating
I was very surprised how much this little portable massage pillow can do. Unlike other massagers, it is very easy to use. It had two modes, one regular and the other with the heat mode. I personally really like the heat mode. It does not over heat and burn your skin. The temperature is very consistent. I tried the heat mode over 15 min. last night and I didn not feel a bit uncomfortable. I mainly used it for lower back, but I also tried it on my neck and shoulders, and it works perfectly too! I recommended this product to my mom, and she loves it too, and we are getting another two for our friends! Awesome product! Definitely a good buy! (Posted on 1/21/14)
Great for moms Review by Jackie
Product Rating
I'm a mother of three small kids and it takes a toll on my back, but this pillow has relieved a lot of pain. I no longer have to ask my husband for massages anymore. I also love the fact that its heated, great for those cold days. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Flawed, but better than the HoMedics SP-20H Review by Ted
Product Rating
I'm a normal weight person who uses this for trigger points. I've been happy with the Zyllion. There are a few design flaws, which can be corrected:

* On bare skin, the heat will burn your skin, such as on the neck. Corrected with a pillow case.

* There's a breakaway cord which breaks away too easily. Tape didn't work. Corrected with heat-activated shrink tube. UPDATE: As a commenter pointed out, the plugs will semi-lock into place if you push and twist hard enough. This isn't intuitive, and some other reviewers complain about it, so if you're gifting this, it's something I'd point out.

* The power button can be accidentally pressed by the shoulder when massaging the neck. The workaround is to position the massager so the button is on the top, where it is less likely to be pressed.

The motor is powerful and the action is good.

I recently bought the HoMedics SP-20H for comparison. The material is nice, but the motor is weak and the action is poor. I'll be returning the HoMedics. (Posted on 1/21/14)
those massagers work! Review by A. Mcconaghy
Product Rating
I'm also one of those that can't stand the light kind of massage-- although it might hurt more, getting really in the stressed muscles is the only way for relief! This massager does it! Of course you get creative w/ positioning it so it reaches all the spots, but even when I layed on it for my neck, the twirly massage heads kept up nice and strong. The heat was not nearly too hot for me at all. I read the other reviews, went w/ this one and have not been disappointed! One 'con' for me, tho, is the cord is not long enough...but that's pretty minor. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Feeling Good Review by Frankie "pillBOXhat"
Product Rating
I'm always sore after at some point during the week after a workout but this little helper makes my soreness easier to deal with. (Posted on 1/21/14)
God sent angle for My back Pain. Review by Muhsien Chiu
Product Rating
I'm at the second trimester of my pregnancy. The back pain has became a main issue for me. There is no way I can spent $100 to get massage everyday nor to purchase a huge massage chair. Then I found this baby.
First of all, with this price, the quality of the product is unbelievable. It comes in nice package. The pillow is small , the perfect size to fit on your back and shoulder without being too heavy. The materials are very nice and sturdy. It also comes with charge for home and car. In another word, you can bring this baby with you everywhere.
My skin usually gets itchy or uncomfortable after sitting on massage chair for too long. But I don't have that issue with this pillow. The mesh cover is comfortable,the rolling balls changes direction periodically, and you can adjust your self or pillow easily. My skin is fine with the long usage.
The heat is another plus for this product. It's not adjustable. But the temperature is just right. A little warm but not hot, just enough to relax your muscle !
Now I can have a nice back /shoulder massage everyday without breaking the bank. One of the best purchase I made !!
(Posted on 1/21/14)
Expectations met, and then some. Review by Brittany Carling
Product Rating
I'm currently in a deployed environment and needed something easy to ship and that would help with back pain. This product met that easily!!! First off, it shipped to a different country faster than I've gotten items in the STATES! Secondly, it works perfectly. Heats up quickly, massages very well, has a lot of power to it. You can use the "non-heat" option as well and its just as great. It will reverse from counter clock-wise to clock-wise. I use it daily and have noticed a huge difference. I've recommended this product to three other co-workers so far. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Works Perfectly Review by Michael B
Product Rating
I'm currently overseas and didn't have access to an masseuse. A little ache or pain (muscular) and this item will work it out! (Posted on 1/21/14)
This thing really works you over. Review by squashpup "squashpup"
Product Rating
I''ve had chronic back problems for some time, and this thing is the only sure fire method that gives me relief. Really powerful massage with soothing heat works the soreness out of tired, achy back muscles.

The first day I used it, it actually made my back sore! Not in a bad sort of way, mind you. More like that feeling you get after a workout when your muscles are sore. It's not a bad thing, and relieving the deep-muscle soreness is well worth it. I also had to make some adjustments in positioning the massager to find the right spot. Once you find it, you won't want to move.

If I had to complain about any aspect of it, I'd have to say that I wish it was a little thinner. Of course, I realize there are design limitations with making such a device, so I can't criticize it too much.

This is definitely the relief I have been waiting for, and if I had it to do over again, I'd buy it in a second.

EDIT: 11/29/13 :Got this thing this thing earlier this week, went to visit my parents. I raved to them about how great it was. Dad tried it for 10 minutes. So did Mom. Then, Dad immediately got online and ordered two of them.

If that's not a testimonial, I don't know what is. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Great product, Review by M. Donnelly
Product Rating
I've had pretty serious back pain for over a year and have been to a back specialist and had extensive physical therapy. The pt has certainly increased strength and mobility (don't skip that part of treatment) but it's this Shiatsu pillow that reliably gives pain relief when nothing else works-- I use it every night. It also allows me to sit back and watch television-- I can't sit back any other way. The heat is great as well as the fairly strenuous massage. Highly recommended (Posted on 1/21/14)
Amazing device! Review by George Orwell "intrigued movie watcher"
Product Rating
Is very strong and will keep going as long as it is on. Power cord is an issue but not a big deal, just position it right and it won't come off. Great for wifes who constantly wants a massage. (Posted on 1/21/14)
This is good Review by Nancy
Product Rating
It does not work on my aching shoulder but oh the neck. I stack pillows on my bed and make a little nest for the massager. It is wonderful when my neck and shoulder are really hurting, usually about 30 to 40 minutes (Posted on 1/21/14)
Great value, great product! Review by patrickb714
Product Rating
Just received mine and have been using it for the last hour, I think it's already paid for itself in the one hour I've been using it!
My back hasn't felt so good in a while, the same feeling you get after a good deep tissue massage.

I was worried that it would not have enough pressure but it has plenty, if you lean too hard against it it can get a little painful, but like they say, no pain no gain! You can feel the heat as well, would have preferred if it was a litter hotter, but it's warm enough.
Overall, this is a great value, if you're thinking about some kind of personal massage unit, this is one you should consider. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Stopped having to go to a massage and acupuressure therapist, Review by golferdeanna
Product Rating
Like many of the other people have mentioned in other reviews, I have not had to go to a therapist since receiving the massage pillow. I was a regular customer of the therapist needing to go in every 7-10 days to relieve muscle tightness and spasm in my back. I use the unit pretty much every night even if I feel fine because I realize that I have tightness even if there is no pain, probably due to scoliosis, sitting too much and sometimes twisting wrong. I bought a 5 foot extension cord so I can sit on the couch with it and use the couch cushion to hold the unit in place. It can be used in all different areas where ever you have discomfort. Having had the experience it hurting when therapists work on tight spots, I am not afraid to put the balls in the area where it hurts and have it really do a deep muscle massage. I am going to buy an extra unit just in case this one breaks. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Wonderful, deep massage pillow! Review by kaylhs1
Product Rating
Love how deep this gets into my neck and shoulders. I can position it wherever I need it to really break up the knots and tension in my neck and shoulders. For those wanting a gentler massage, simply pad it with a folded towel, blanket... to find your perfect pressure. Ordered this for my daughter and loved it so much, I ordered one for myself! (Posted on 1/21/14)
Fantastic item! Review by Adnan Mansoor
Product Rating
Love this thing. It def hits the lower back wherever you may be hurting, and is small enough to quickly adjust. While the motors do go slowly when you apply TOO much back pressure (or if you end up laying on it - I don't recommend you necessarily do that), they def still power through. Hate stretching after workouts (like a lot of guys do) and so this helps deal with that as well. Takes a bit before the heat starts firing up and can be turned off during massage as well. Try it, and hey if you don't like it then return it. I highly recommend it! (Posted on 1/21/14)
Luv it Review by danschwartz
Product Rating
luv it luv it luv it. had another type before, this one is much more versatile. works great right where i want it (Posted on 1/21/14)
Great Massager Review by Richard
Product Rating
Massager works great. The heat function puts out just the right amount of heat and the massager has plenty of power so it continues to operate even if you put a lot of pressure against it. I usually use it while watching tv, either laying in bed or sitting on the couch. It works great on the shoulders and back. It is ok for the neck area, but the massaging heads are a little too far apart. My wife likes it as much as I do. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Great for chronic aches and pains!! Review by Amazon Customer
Product Rating
My husband and I both have chronic back and neck pain. I got this for him for his birthday, hoping to ease his neck when he travels long distances for work. He loves it and I love it. The heat is just right, not to hot, but it does take a little while to heat up. Unlike other full body massagers that you put in a chair, you can move this to any spot that need attention. I loved it so much I am buying my dad one for Christmas!! (Posted on 1/21/14)
Perfect massage pillow Review by M.S
Product Rating
My rate was 4 before,but now I love this. This is the great product as this price. Heat works well and massage pressure is strong enough. I leave this on my bed and used the morning and before I go to sleep. I love this pillow more than my massage cushion ( massage cushion's price was more than this! (Posted on 1/21/14)
yes yes and more yes, Review by Tisha Whitchurch
Product Rating
Oh goodness this is just a big yes pillow of yes. It is heavenly. The rolling balls are as close to a real massage as we are going to get until a new technology is developed. This is heavenly goodness. I make ridiculously noises when this on my back. (Posted on 1/21/14)
It actually works! Review by Nettie1995
Product Rating
Ok…I'm a little shocked, this actually works! The pressure is surprisingly strong and the heat is just right. My husband and I have both taken turns with it the last 24 hours and he even said that he was surprised. I feel like it is priced correctly as long as it holds up! It has an automatic shut off and an option to turn the heat off. The massager goes in a circular motion on both sides and then changes directions several times during the "program". I am going to buy this for my family members! (Posted on 1/21/14)
Good for the size and Price. Review by Michelle Gonyo
Product Rating
Overall it is good.I like the heat and it gives a pretty deep massage, not just lame vibrations like other chair massagers. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Got Knots? Review by Summer "Luv2read"
Product Rating
Saw this on amazon at a great price and bought it for myself. Liked it so much went back and bought 2 more as holiday gifts.
It's well made and I like the fact that this model is offered in leather . (there is a light color that is not)
The massage action is gentle enough to use on neck, legs, back etc. but also strong enough to do the job. The heat is not 'hot' but comfortably warm and can be turned off if you prefer.. I like the 20 minute automatic shut off as I admit, I fell asleep using it. I've tried and returned 3 other portable massage units and this one is definitely a keeper. . (Posted on 1/21/14)
Shiatsu Massage is, by definition, intense, Review by E. Williams "dew drop"
Product Rating
Shiatsu massage is supposed to be intense pressure. This massager meets that expectation perfectly. I like being able to move the massager to any area of my back or legs. For areas where the pressure might be too much, I place a towel or blanket over the massage heads, which works very well. Only two negatives: 1) the connector where cord plugs into the machine comes apart very easily. I fixed this by tying them together so that if the cord gets pulled, the plug doesn't pop out; 2) the strap that is supposed to wrap around the back of a chair is too short for all but the smallest chairs. You can correct this by adding some 1 1/2 to 2" wide velcro strips in whatever length you need. The strap, as is, was too short to go around the back of an office chair. I had to add about a foot of velcro. But other than those two issues, the massager itself is wonderful. I like the ability to turn on/off the heat, and also the fact that the machine shuts itself off automatically after about 15 minutes. (Posted on 1/21/14)
WOW! Review by Evgeny
Product Rating
That's just what I needed. Works flawlessly, and it helps me to relax.
P.S. if some Europeans will look for it, I will just tell that this pillow is compatible with 220V. (Posted on 1/21/14)
"Pro: + Quiet + Good value + Powerful + Effective heating function + 12V car adapter included Con: - Short ac power cord I have owned (and liked) two of the HoMedics SP-20H massagers. I have a definite preference for the ZMA-13, differentiated by all of Review by Michael Hoopes
Product Rating
The cord isn't designed to break away; it requires the user to push the ends together until they "click" (Posted on 1/21/14)
Works great! Review by Starfish
Product Rating
The massager is great. Works as expected and enjoy the fact that you can shut off the infra-red if you wish. (Posted on 1/21/14)
The Portable Masseuse Review by Michael S Hannan
Product Rating
The product is AMAZING! Having tried nearly every massager on the market after 20 plus years of back/neck pain, I was reluctant to try another. But this was recommended by someone at work who does ergonomic assessments. I've had hundreds of professional massages, and this is like having a personal masseuse you can carry around with you! EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT!!! (Posted on 1/21/14)
Be sure to plug cord in firm so it clicks Review by Coop254
Product Rating
This is hardly worth using because the cord will not stay plugged in. It is constantly turning off because the cord comes unplugged from the base. Not worth the money by far. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Best shiatsu massager! Review by Prasad
Product Rating
This is one of teh best portable massaging solution i ahve used in recent times. The quality is real good and from the day it came in we have a competition to sue it :). I have no complaints except the cord can be bit more longer so that it can reach far off power outlets from my bed. but it does the job pretty well. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Zyllion ZMA-13-BK Shiatsu better than all the rest! Review by Richard Thomas
Product Rating
This is the best shiatsu machine I've seen. My 95 year old mother-in-law has been using shiatsu machines for years to reduce back pain from osteoporosis. Until she received the Zyllion ZMA-13-BK, she considered another well known brand to be the best. Now, she thinks the Zyllion is so much better and will not be going back to the other brand she had been using. The Zyllion is light weight, compact and easy to handle. The balls are flattened a little to help spread out the pressure when pressed against an aching muscle. The heat function is also soothing. The materials of construction are high quality and the quality of construction is excellent. And, it's from a conscientious company. I highly recommend this product. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Satisfied Review by Deborah C Ormond
Product Rating
This massage is great! It works the tension and pain out of my muscles and leaves me feeling relaxed. The kneading motion of the shiatsu rollers are amazing. I prefer my Zyllion massage over a human massage. My Zyllion massage does not get tired, maintains evenly applied pressure no matter how much weight I put on it, and without hesitation wonderfully massages any where I need massaging. Its size is just right. The compact size allows for free flowing movement to position the massage at exactly the spot I need massaged

Customer service is outstanding. Their goal is for every customer to have an outstanding experience with their products. I am a believer. Customer service provided me an experience above and beyond my expectation for which I am grateful because I am experiencing the power of their massage product. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Ruptured discs Review by Bobbie J. Farrar
Product Rating
This massage pillow is wonderful both in the house and in the car. I'm so glad that my husband insisted we get it! Used it on our road trip and it helped my back! (Posted on 1/21/14)
Zyllion ZMA-13-BK Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat (Black) Review by A. Dejesus "AJD0003"
Product Rating
This massage pillow really gets in there and works those sore muscles and with the heat it made me feel so much better! (Posted on 1/21/14)
Compare this product to the one sold at the famous Back Store's for twice the price Review by Dr. "Oceanfront"
Product Rating
This massager is almost exactly the same as the one sold at the Back store, except for a minor cosmetic difference """"). This one is hands down the winner!
I have a serious back issue and have probably tried most products on the market. Before I used this, I had the I-need (brookstone) which was helpful, but a toy compared to this product.

The powerful rollers actually knead your tight muscles, one way and then the other. It also supplies heat which relaxes the muscles even further. The quality of this machine is the best I have seen, and it is as good as my Physicall Therapist (okay, better!) who charges $90/ I don't have to leave the house! :)

The versatility of this product is second to none. I had a tight muscle in my neck that were giving me a headache. After a short session with this product, my muscles were looser and the headache gone. I also sometimes rub a cream on before using it to get deep down absorption (such as salanpas, bio freeze, or whatever you like to use).
I love this device!

Also, customer service is excellent and I would not hesitate to buy from this company again. Thank you (Posted on 1/21/14)
Awesome Massager Review by Jerry Parker
Product Rating
This pillow works very well, and was bought with my girlfriend with arthritis because many of her joints hurt a lot. It was great buy, and having tried it myself, makes you feel so relaxed. (Posted on 1/21/14)
REALLY NICE! Review by Danhua Ma
Product Rating
this product is amazing!!!! I'm so active on my work which makes my neck feels hut. but this product give me a totally different feeling!!!! the heat is warm and I can feel it. the speed is ok! I really love this stuff!!!! (Posted on 1/21/14)
Best product for the lower back Review by the one to know
Product Rating
This product was just like it was described, It's nice looking, comfortable, and compact. Actually, I'm using it right now while writting this review. I really recommend this to anyone that wants a nice lower back message. (Posted on 1/21/14)
ILOVETHIS! Review by Kristen Finnegan
Product Rating
This thing has saved my back!
I have an annoying spine because of an injury and it needs a lot of attention, almost daily.
This has helped me so much.
I definitely recommend… (Posted on 1/21/14)
Good things made small Review by Annie
Product Rating
This, so far, is a wonderful portable shiatsu pillow - it even comes with a car adaptor! - that can be used with or without heat. It's rotating balls massage gently or deeply depending on how much you lean against them. It can even accommodate your neck. my only issue so far is that it is not a full body pillow! :) (Posted on 1/21/14)
Almost like a real person Review by Jess Ohanlone
Product Rating
Those rolling balls feel almost like a real person kneading your muscles. I must own every type of massager on the market and this is by far and away my favorite. It fits exactly to the two muscles that run down your spine and it avoids running over your joints. It rolls the muscles almost like a masseuse. It is heavenly. If you like massage, this will definitely appeal to you. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Perfect Review by Trini
Product Rating
Use in my vehicle. Deep massage of lower lumbar. Heat provides relief. Also used progressively up the spine. Always relaxed after a massage (Posted on 1/21/14)
M. Kotler "flowerpower" Review by A real good value
Product Rating
Works just as described! A real good value and a great way to prevent repeated trips to a massage therapist when all I really need is a constant and kneading back rub! (Posted on 1/21/14)
Amazing massager with lots of power Review by Bhola Bhala
Product Rating
Writing this review, while this pillow is massaging my back. This thing is made from top quality materials, extremely quite and very powerful. I am putting my whole back weight on it and the motors are still running. Its not a low power toy. Some serious massaging going on here. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Works great! Review by Nancy Moore "NanO"
Product Rating
I bought this for my back while driving. I often take very long driving trips and my back gets fatigued. The heater is fabulous! And the mechanism works just like it's supposed to. One thing concerned me when I ordered this -- the massage would be too firm. And I was right. It's also difficult to get it adjusted. I have to let the seat back down quite a ways before it gets low enough to reach my lumbar region. I would rather have a full body massager but couldn't find one to suit me. This will do the job, it's just a bit awkward. (Posted on 1/21/14)
awesome product!!! Review by Ting Yen Wang
Product Rating
I bought this couple months ago, I really love this product!
It comes with heat function, temperature is very consistent and won't overheat.
Although the pillow is small but the pressure is powerful enough to release my back tension.
(Posted on 1/21/14)
Perfect!, Review by jlinja
Product Rating
I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend who constantly has knots in his back. They are very specifically located, so I chose this pillow instead of a larger chair-type massager, so that he would be able to pinpoint exactly where he wanted the massage. The shiatsu balls provide a perfect amount of pressure, and you can also control that by how far back you lean into the massage. Very easy to use - one button control - and very easily portable (in the car, in the office, around the house) due to its size.

My only issue with the massager is the strap that allows you to attach it to a chair - the strap is far too short for a regular office chair. It is extremely stretched out on the farthest settings, and it is concerning that the elastic may wear out quickly.

However, overall I am very pleased with this massage pillow! (Posted on 1/21/14)
¡Excelente producto! Review by Rafael Ortiz
Product Rating
I am very happy with the product, very good quality and gives excellent massage for any part of the body especially the back, truly worth its precio.Gracias.Rafy of Puerto Rico. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Christmas came early! :) Review by love2dive
Product Rating
I am one happy customer! My expectations for the Shiatsu Massage Pillow w/ Heat were low, but this is a fantastic product.

- The pillow actually feels really good! When combined with the heat, the balls really help to work out knots and sore muscles
- I didn't realize this until I was using it myself, but the balls reverse direction automatically, which adds a nice change of pace
- The pillow looks durable and sturdy; it's not made of cheap materials
- The pillow comes with both a wall and a car charger, so you can use it in bed, at work, or while driving
- It has an automatic off switch (after 20 minutes of use)
- You can place a decent amount of weight on it, and it doesn't slow the balls down. I like deep tissue massages and I can use as much or as little pressure as I like with no impact on performance

- The cord comes out of the back of the pillow - hopefully it is as durable as it looks

Ultimately, I highly recommend this pillow! I couldn't be happier! :)

UPDATE - Removed a ""con"" from the list, courtesy of another user (thank you very much!) Now, this pillow is pretty perfect! Also, the cord coming from the back has proven not to be a problem whatsoever, and I've used it quite a bit. Still extremely happy with my purchase! :) (Posted on 1/21/14)
Massager Review by Jessica N.
Product Rating
I am not giving this pillow 5 stars on account of two issues. Some days I wish that the massaging balls were closer together in the pillow, I need to use a blanket on top of it because it can be a little rough on my back, and I paid $50 for it. However, after a long day at work this can really calm me down. My upper shoulders at time feel slightly bruised after using it but I know that I have significant knots, so the soreness may just be from working on them. The heat is nice and it does not get too hot. My husband did not like it. (Posted on 1/21/14)
this is great Review by Elizabeth Golden
Product Rating
I am a massage therapist and I love this pillow!! The heat is great too..I would recommend this to anyone.. (Posted on 1/21/14)
I freaking love it Review by Kim C.
Product Rating
I almost want to order another one of these for backup in case anything happens to the one I bought. I seriously love this thing. I use it in bed on my shoulder/neck area and even on my middle and lower back in bed with my arms holding me up half way. I use it on my calves because I do hill walks daily and my calves get tight. I'm overweight and can still lay on it when I'm massaging my neck and the motor doesn't slow down, it's very powerful.

The heat gets very hot, and the rotating balls have a slight softness so it's a very comfortable deep massage. The 20 minute auto shut off puts my mind at ease that I don't have to worry about it overheating. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Great device and works well Review by Tpoon
Product Rating
Great piece of massaging device. Better than anything in the Brookstone store. Too bad it doesn't charge otherwise I can use it it in the car. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Great item! Review by Terri Coy
Product Rating
Great item. No problems! I am am enjoying it very much. Good price for a great product. Sturdy and the heat option is great! (Posted on 1/21/14)
Great for my lower back. Review by Victor Rios
Product Rating
Great for my lower back, wish there were some way to hold it in place. Haven't figured out how to get an effective delt rub. (Posted on 1/21/14)
My Massage Slave Review by Megami
Product Rating
Gets all parts of my body.. Back,shoulders, neck, legs, arms and even feet!!!! U just have to know how to put it on right.
Tried in the car and works great too!!!! Def easier in the car for massaging the shoulders since it is already positioned for u perfectly. :)

The cord does not get disconnected easily!!! U just have to plug it in securely until u hear a click. Perhaps even twist it in; push all the way in and u wouldn't have the disconnecting problem whatsoever!! I didn't know it goes in more until I tried lol. Now I know it can connect very securely in place! I hope that people (that gave negative rating because they couldn't figure it out) read this!!!! Lol

Before I got this, I got the massage cushion. Didn't work out well for me at all because the neck kneading didn't really reach sore part of my neck and seat massage didn't do anything for me lol. This one I really love. Hubby liked the cushion better but he said he doesn't care as long as I'm happy. But he was WHOA~~ that feels so good~~ when I made him use it on his legs lol! This one is convenient and light, very easy to use. I said to him that if I were the president of the company I would call this ""My Massage Slave"". LOL. ;-p

Oh ps I use extension cord for my iPhone and iPad charger too so I don't think the cord is too short, it's just normal. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Great for back pain. Review by Danilo Antunes
Product Rating
For those that, like me, work in a computer all day long, this is a gift from heaven! I'm a massage lover and the product meets my expectations. The the finishing is very refined. I recommend it. (Posted on 1/21/14)
I like it! Review by Jeff
Product Rating
First of all this seems to be a very well built product. I have been using it almost daily for several months and some days for several hours total time. The only issue so far is a little bit of a clicking noise when leaning back into it very hard. This massage pillow works for all over the back and neck. It works best for me in a recliner where I can control the pressure by how far back I lean. Beware that a lot of pressure against this massage pillow can rub your skin raw and or cause bruising. Other than that this machine can really help with tense sore muscle problems. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Well made, worthwhile product Review by Gretchen Bjerstedt
Product Rating
Excellent product--I drove from WA state to PA and back and could not have done it without this massage pillow. We used it in the car as well as in motels and various stopovers. It relieved driving fatigue in back and leg muscles while traveling and really helped rejuvenate the body after using so many different beds and furnishings along the way.

At home it is a great help for back problems as well as arthritis and can be used as often as needed. The shiatsu motion can be gentle or more vigorous depending upon the pressure you apply and the heat is a very comfortable addition.

I will not be anywhere without this product from now on. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Well made, worthwhile product Review by Gretchen Bjerstedt
Product Rating
Excellent product--I drove from WA state to PA and back and could not have done it without this massage pillow. We used it in the car as well as in motels and various stopovers. It relieved driving fatigue in back and leg muscles while traveling and really helped rejuvenate the body after using so many different beds and furnishings along the way.

At home it is a great help for back problems as well as arthritis and can be used as often as needed. The shiatsu motion can be gentle or more vigorous depending upon the pressure you apply and the heat is a very comfortable addition.

I will not be anywhere without this product from now on. (Posted on 1/21/14)
A great massage at a great price Review by Todd B. "Todd"
Product Rating
Back in July 2000, I had a four-level fusion of my cervical spine as a result of degenerative disc disease that developed during my service in the Air Force years earlier, probably from field work and deployment exercises and a rigorous fitness routine. Although the surgery was successful and gave me several years of good nerve function and no pain, a few years ago, many of the symptoms returned. I now suffer from chronic neck pain, partial atrophy of my right arm, and a degenerating right shoulder because of the lost muscles that support and protect the joint. The pain is most debilitating in the morning when I get up, and I needed a non-pharmaceutical solution to keeping the pain under control (I hate narcotics because of the side-effects, and extended NSAID use bothers my stomach). I also work out a lot (two hours/four days/week) to maintain my conditioning and prevent further loss of muscle function. Being the parent of two-year old twins, being able to get up and manage them in the morning without pain is essential.

After looking on online, I found a large selection of massage devices, but wanted one that I could lie on rather than hold. I also liked the added benefit of heat. The Zyllion did the trick...I've used it twice and have experience tremendous relief that lasts for the days, without the need for meds. The gentle heat also is very soothing, although it does take a few minutes to get to temperature.
Another feature is the periodic reversal of the massage cycle, with the massage balls reversing their direction every couple of minutes.

I recommend the Zyllion to anybody suffering from neck pain...given the complex nature of my injuries, I have found it to provide welcome relief. My only suggestion is that using it for longer than the 20 minute run cycle is not a good idea...I used it for 40 consecutive minutes and ended up with a sore vertebrae for a few days...that was my fault...too much of a good thing is not so good. Finally, an unintended consequence of the device is that it is very entertaining to my two year olds...the massage balls glow a deep red color when the heat is on, which they found mesmerizing...they could not stop watching the balls as they orbited inside the pillow! As a result, I had to hide it from them...they thought it was a wonderful toy! (Posted on 1/21/14)
Clutch Review by letusunite
Product Rating
as been amazing to say the least. It takes a bit of effort to position the pillow, but when it's in the right spot... oh, you'll know it. Studying has never been more productive as I can sit in this chair for longer periods of time, and it definitely warms up any sore muscles. I herniated a disc in my lower back a few months ago, and this pillow has been the only thing that has been able to relieve the symptoms, at least for a little bit. If you position the pillow to massage your traps/neck, it is heavenly. I used the thing for 3-4 hours straight, right out of the box, and it overheated and shut off. I waited an entire day and was so glad that it turned back on again. It's been working without any issues since then.

I read some reviews that say it is easy to disconnect the cord, and I agree. It hasn't really been a problem for me though unless I'm lying in bed and shifting a lot. Also, the motors are very powerful and can support me (190-200 lbs.) without much trouble. I can see the motors being an issue if you accidentally position the pillow too high on your neck; it can squeeze the occipital part of your skull at an uncomfortably high pressure, so be careful when you use it! The heat generated from the pillow is adequate and definitely helps a lot, and the change in direction of the spinning motors is awesome. It hits the same muscles differently, and it feels great.

It's less useful for my quads and hamstrings because I am so ticklish, but for my upper and lower back, there is no replacement. It's okay to use on the chest and arms, but I have a foam roller that hits those areas slightly better. Still, it's a great product, and I am thankful for it! (Posted on 1/21/14)
OH! Ow! Oh God! Ow - Oh yes! Don't stop!!!! Review by S. Maguire
Product Rating
After a bunch of research, for me the choice came down between this one and the ""Prospera Kneading Massage Cushion"", which is about $10 cheaper. I didn't care all that much about the cost, because let's face it - if you find a massager that works well for you, the ROI is easy to justify. It costs me $60 for an hour massage, so I can pretty much make it up in 2-3 uses with this. The Prospera had 200+ reviews and 4 stars average. This one only had about 70 and 4.5 stars. That's pretty even on the star count, but what sold me was the existing rave reviews of the Zyllion. I'm glad I listened to you people.

Use #1 - Went to the mall with my wife and sat in the passengers seat with this thing working my neck. Oh man, by the time she pulled up to Macy's, I was like - ""I'll meet you inside"". She gave me a dirty look - I didn't care. I could hardly notice her evil eye through the groans coming out of me. I've had limited range of my neck for some time and this thing was working me over pretty good as I wriggled around in my seat to apply more pressure and adjust the position.

Use #2 - I got home from the mall and immediately high tailed it to the bedroom. I was wondering - ""Will this thing work on my back?"" I'm currently suffering from frozen shoulder on my left shoulder and I can feel this massive knot - it feels like a baseball size hunk of muscle tissue stuck just below my shoulder blade. I went to work on it. I'm 6'2"", 190. I was pressing down on this thing and you could just feel it kneading through the giant knot ball. It started warming up (the balls are actually glowing red in the heat mode), and I'll be honest - while I was doing it, I was going deep, so I wouldn't quite call it pleasure - unless you're into deep tissue pain, but once you let go and let it work its magic - WHAMO! After about 20 minutes I felt like I worked that ball of knots right out of my back.

This morning, I woke up sore. I told my wife my neck felt great and the back felt like someone beat me up pretty good. BUT - it's the kind of pain that you know is going to result in good things - more relaxed, less aches and stiffness, better range of motion. A step back for a very big step forward.

Best of all - I can use it anytime and any place I want. So, for me? This thing is an award winner and a no brainer.

PS - Don't forget to drink lots of water after you're done with a good massage! (Posted on 1/21/14)
Awesome Massager Review by Jerry Parker
Product Rating
This pillow works very well, and was bought with my girlfriend with arthritis because many of her joints hurt a lot. It was great buy, and having tried it myself, makes you feel so relaxed. (Posted on 1/15/14)
Amazing! Review by sandra christopher
Product Rating
" was given this as a gift from a wonderful friend of mine, who knew I was suffering from back pain. If someone would go that far to get me this unit, to help my pain, I thought I needed to write a review to help others.

This Shiatsu massager is the best. I had shoulder and neck spasms, and laid down on this for 20 minutes and slowly the spasms started to loosen up. There is heat in the 4 rollers and there seems to be some play in them, as if there is rubber on top. They feel just wonderful. Still, I didn't have that much believe in this product, because nothing seems to help.
She then had me try it on my low back. That was even better! I could feel the stress just leaving my muscles and after another 20 minutes I felt much better. My friend then had me throw on some Salonpas strips (mental stuff) and in another 10 minutes I was totally out of pain!!
This unit is truly amazing, and very well made. It also very nice looking and simple to use. I read a bunch of reviews and there is nothing wrong with the cord. Just twist it when you put it in.
This is a winner and I am so grateful I have one now. (Posted on 1/15/14)
Really like this product Review by Barbara McGill
Product Rating
I have an older unit at home but bought this unit as a Chritsmas present. It includes heat and just feels better. (Posted on 1/15/14)
A must!!! you owe to yourself!! Review by Candia
Product Rating
Just Buy it!!! Dont make the mistake of not buying will find it unbelieveably soothing..a bit rough but Men will love it !!! Women can adjust their applied pressure for less massage!!! The best Product I have bought all Year !!! Just buy it !! Buy it !!!!! Now !!! (Posted on 1/15/14)
I gave three as gifts for Christmas- all of the recipients took it out of the box and used it as soon as it was opened! Review by Ginny Wylie
Product Rating
A great and a great product for anyone who loves massages!!! Great way to relax after a long day or to start off a busy one! Easy to use and easy to carry with you!! (Posted on 1/15/14)
Great Massager Review by Keyser Soze
Product Rating
Very strong. Like the heat balls as well. Has a strap that you can put around your desk chair. So it will massage your neck or lower back etc. I definitely liked that it wasn't a tickle, and would push back when you pushed your back against it. (Posted on 1/15/14)
Like It! Review by R. Kim
Product Rating
Remarkably sturdy and well-made, it does what it is intended to. I use it every day at the office, when sitting down all day creates a lot of discomfort for me. Worth the money. (Posted on 1/15/14)
Works but a little harsh Review by lakamine74
Product Rating
Would like to see it have a little more padding. Leaves me bruised but does what it is supposed to do. (Posted on 1/15/14)
It works but obviously needs to be improved!! Review by Julie at Plano, TX
Product Rating
Kneading parts should be rounded, instead of flat and angular. The pillow could be made soft, pliable so it is easy to use on different parts of the body. Various settings of vibrations also can be easily built in to make it deliver real massaging effects. The cord could be designed so it's not easily become disconnected. (Posted on 1/15/14)
Works Fairly Well Review by Gillian
Product Rating
I was really excited when I received this product because I have frequent back pain. However, I was slightly disappointed, and I have a few complaints about the product.

The main one is that, as some of the other reviews also say, the cord will not stay plugged into the unit. It is constantly falling out and I have to keep readjusting it, which really ruins the relaxing experience.

I also wish that this product had more settings. The nodes on the inside only can circle one way. It would be great if they could go different directions or speeds.

Also, while this product works pretty well for my lower back, I cannot seem to make it work on my upper back. The nodes are also too rough in that area and I can't find an upper back/neck position with the pillow that feels comfortable.

That being said, there are several positive aspects about this product. I like the heat it gives off. It feels like just the right temperature. I also really liked that the product came with a car adapter, and that overall the pillow seems to be fairly good quality. Like I said, works fairly well for my lower back!" (Posted on 1/15/14)
Excellent Value & Back pain relief Review by Karen Carter
Product Rating
The Zyllion message pillow comes in a nice cardboard box with a plastic carrying handle, a standard 120v power adapter, and a separate car power adapter. The pillow has a soft leather (suprised me) covering with a nylon type netting over the massage area, the quality of which is very good.
There is no heat adjustment setting, however, the heat is absolutely perfect for me, between the high and medium setting on my heating pad (high being too hot for long term, medium being too cold). The operation couldn't be simpler, a single push on the only button turns heat on and off, hold for 3 seconds to turn off. The pillow will automatically turn off after 20 minutes (5 minutes more than most units), and can be easily turned back on with a single push of the button if more time is desired, good safety protection against skin burns and other issues if you fall asleep with it on.
The message action is wonderful, a slightly elliptical rotating motion that switches direction every 3 minutes or so. The advantage of the pillow over a full message chair is the ability to place the pillow exactly where you need relief, instead of having to adjust your body to a fixed chair (or go thru a separate setup process). The portability of the pillow is also a nice plus, its small and portable (you can even use the box it comes in for storage and transportation) with a convenient strap for attaching it to your car seat if desired.
Overall this pillow did the trick for me, relieved my back pain and saved me lots of money over a message chair, very satisfied customer." (Posted on 1/15/14)
Awesome Massage Pillow Review by Abby Z.
Product Rating
This is almost the perfect massage pillow ever. I bought it because I'm 7 months pregnant and have a lot of tension in my lower and upper back, and this pillow hits the spot every time! The only spot I cannot get is my neck but I think that's mainly because I don't use it in a chair, only in bed. I use it several times a day and it gives no problems. It works great in the car for long trips and just amazing all together. I let my sister use it once and she fell in love with it as well. So great product and at such a great price too. (Posted on 1/15/14)

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