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Deep-Tissue Shiatsu kneading, Rolling foot Massager with Heat (Black) ZMA-21-BK


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Your sore, tired feet deserve a good pampering! And what's better for the job than the brilliant Zyllion Foot Massager. Combining the most advanced massage technology with traditional Chinese foot reflexology takes foot massaging to a whole new level!

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          ZMA-21 Foot Massager with Heat from Zyllion Indulge in soothing relaxation after a long, tiring day with the new ZMA-21 Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat from Zyllion. Basking in welcome relief from achy feet and ankles never felt so good! Convenient and sleek in design, this portable foot massager provides top- quality healing massage therapy. The 3 distinct massage mode pre-sets work wonders to alleviate soreness, all at the touch of a button. With 3 different strength levels, you choose the right amount of intensity desired. The Shiatsu, rolling and pressure-only massage pre-sets will take your precious feet on a well- deserved vacation. The optional heating function and air pressure-only features can be turned on or off to customize your own private, blissful foot massage experience!

Zyllion ZMA-21 Foot Massager

Product Features:

  • Manufactured by: Zyllion, Inc.
  • SKU: ZMA-21-BK
  • MSRP: $249.95
  • Professional-grade technology and sleek design. Free-standing portability and convenience, literally at your feet! With removable, washable fabric covers, you can count on easy unit care and maintenance. The two individual foot chambers are designed with your upmost comfort in mind.
  • Soft-Touch control panel allows for easy feature customization. The Touch panel control sits visibly on the center of the massager. A gentle yet powerful massage experience awaits at your fingertips in seconds.
  • The 3 distinct massage mode pre-sets and 3 intensity levels provide premium Shiatsu, rolling and pressure combination massage options. With 3 distinct massage mode pre-sets available, effortless customization is a given. Gentle rolling paired up with pressure, faster rolling with more intense air pressure, and bottom-rolling-only massage options. Play around with the different modes depending on your mood.
  • The Infrared heating and air-pressure only features work together or separately to soothe away achy ankles and feet. In the massage world, a touch of warmth and a little squeeze go a long way.
  • You may use the handle to slightly raise the massager unit off the floor so that it sits at an angle, providing an ergonomic massage experience. Foot Massager promotes blood circulation and stress relief.

Additional Information

For foot, soles of your feet
Color Black
Functions Kneading Massage, Rolling Massage
Infrared Heating Yes

Customer Reviews

Happy Feet Review by LovesGadgets
Product Rating
This is great. I uses it every day. It makes my feet feel really good. Too bad they don't have one for hands/ (Posted on 11/16/17)
Feels great and massages the entire foot Review by H S.
Product Rating
Feels great and massages the entire foot; ball, heel, arch, etc. The heater barely heats which is fine with me as I usually turn it off anyway as the increased blood flow from the massage warms the foot sufficiently. (Posted on 11/16/17)
THE BEST INVESTMENT I'VE MADE !!!!! Review by M. L. Cavenaugh
Product Rating
I shop on Amazon a lot but rarely write a product review. However this foot massager deserves one. It is AMAZING. I am a woman and wear a size 8.5 shoe, and this machine fits me so well and does such an awesome job that it almost puts me to sleep. It massages the bottom, top, and sides of my feet using a variety a mechanisms and even does my toes. This is one of those rare "best investments I've ever made" occasions and I'm so glad I did. I'll use this machine until it dies or I do, and if it goes first, I'll quickly replace it.

Thanks, Amazon, for offering this 5 star product!!! (Posted on 11/16/17)
works great. Review by thompross
Product Rating
Just got it and am using it. Working well for me. Ppl are saying it doesn't heat up well, in a way true, but it only heats where the massage nodes are, nowhere else, so the bottom of your foot will get warmish, but the top will stay whatever they were before. This is easily seen in the description pictures, but overall it's a lukewarm temp, possibly due to the nodes being smaller than the other massagers they offer. (Posted on 11/16/17)
Excellent Product Review by Joseph M Allocco Jr
Product Rating
Honestly this foot massager is awesome for the price. In fact it's awesome even if it was a higher price. Gives a very thorough foot massage with multiple intensities. I have to admit, I am not man enough to handle strength level 3, I feel like it is going to crush my toes. Level 2 is just intense enough to give a deep shiatsu style massage without hurting too badly. My wife uses level 1 and that seems to suit her fine. I highly recommend this, it is easy to clean, the "foot bags" are machine washable and unzip easily, it has multiple massage modes and intensities, as well as a "pressure" only setting that just squeezes your feet to help with circulation. Great buy. (Posted on 11/16/17)
I really like this foot massager Review by Amazon Customer
Product Rating
I really like this foot massager. I use it every night. I'm a waitress and on my feet 6 to 10 hours a day and my feet really hurt at the end of my shift. I also have problem with swelling in my feet and ankles and it seems to help when you also use the heat. I gave it 4 stars because I have to wear socks with it or it is uncomfortable. I would recommend this foot massager. (Posted on 10/27/17)
Works like a charm Review by Allen McSparrin
Product Rating
I bought it as a gift for my wife. She loves it! Works like a charm. (Posted on 10/27/17)
A Massage Spa at Home Review by Jai Rhodes
Product Rating
The foot massager is worth the money if you stand on your feet all day. It will take you by surprise when the machine starts to enclose your foot...just relax!! It will not smash your foot. (Posted on 10/27/17)
OMG I want to marry this thing. Review by R. Musicant
Product Rating
Sit back in my lazy boy recliner and slip my feet into this little piece of Heaven and I know I'm home. It's just perfect at the end of a long day. My feet ache sometimes and this machine just takes it all away. SO happy with this purchase. (Posted on 10/27/17)
Five Stars Review by Amazon Customer
Product Rating
Very therapeutic - I have foot neuropathy and it seem to be helping - thanks! (Posted on 10/27/17)
Best Foot Massager in the world. Review by Kindle Customer
Product Rating
This is the best foot massager in the world. I bought one for Christmas and the whole family waited in line to use it. Twenty minutes each. It really grips and massages your feet.

Since then I bought another for our ski house and the pillow too for both houses. What else do you make. (Posted on 10/27/17)
Great footwork Review by Christopher Meeks
Product Rating
The only reason I give this a 4 is because it does not get hot enough for me. In fact, I sometimes wonder if the heat even works. It kneads, presses, and rolls with a pleasurable pain. (Posted on 10/27/17)
this foot massage is amazing. I use it 3 times a day makes ... Review by bert
Product Rating
I have planters Fausia, this foot massage is amazing. I use it 3 times a day makes walking bearable. Update after use for one month. I still love the machine but I cant really use it, found out my issues are requiring medical help, but hubby loves it to (Posted on 10/27/17)
3rd foot massager Ive bought, this ones a keeper Review by Matia Zupan
Product Rating
I've ordered three foot massagers off of Amazon all ranging between 100 and $300 I returned the first two... this one came today and after using it once I know it's the one I'm keeping. The first most expensive one, careputic, was much too painful on the area behind the ankle, not just for me but for for other people who tried it. The second one, brand Mico, didn't massage the entire foot. This one is the best of both worlds gets all around the foot, and has enough options where I can get a deep massage without it being intolerable. I also love that it has a 1 year warranty. (Posted on 10/27/17)
Excellent foot massager Review by Steve
Product Rating
My wife loves it. She has size 8 feet and this works wonders on her feet. The very first time she used it she was nervous and thought it was too much pressure, but after that she now uses it daily if not twice a day. (Posted on 10/27/17)

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